Giovanni Lidano, with its 2017 fall/winter collection including classic and modern patterns, continues to add a different style to men’s wardrobes with vintage touches in colors.

Giovanni Lidano man opened his wardrobe. There was an important business meeting today. He glanced through the outstanding models of Giovanni Lidano blending the specific style of 1970s and 1980’s with a new perspective.

He always looked so smart and elite with the Giovanni Lidano suits and shirts on him as if each piece of them were tailor-made according to his size. Giovanni Lidano suits were updated with the style and details of the future with the required respect to the tailoring which is a heritage of classic men’s clothing. He looked at the suits he had selected from the many suits of Ceremonie which offers many suits and tuxedos in modern and minimal forms to maximal forms. Just in case of business meetings and parties, his suits were even ready. Satisfied of his reflection in the mirror, he smiled.

He touched the puffy coats, goose down & raccoon skin short coats, vintage style leather coats, fur coats with leather details and fur cashmere topcoats arrayed in rows in the wardrobe, reflecting the world’s fashion trends.

He opted for a cashmere topcoat. When wearing, he felt the incomparable softness of cashmere. This was a quality accustomed by a Giovanni Lidano man. There was a very elegant wooden box lying in front of him promising quality in each square centimeter of it. When he reached and opened the box, a huge smile was put on his face. These were a crocodile skin Giovanni Lidano wallet, belt and shoes. It was obvious that every piece of them was handicrafts each detail of which designed meticulously. He had difficult moments when selecting from many different models and quality leather alternatives. Being an elite accessory for a special person with his special touch… And it did its duty.

It was difficult for him to select from plaid, wool and velvet trousers for a sportive weekend chic. He think the vintage touch of slim fit jackets and trousers suits him very well. A glamorous harmony of colors was achieved in the Giovanni Lidano collection in vintage colours. He picked up a multi-pocket plaid trouser for weekend chic. This was because this unusual choice seemed both elegant and sportive and he could understand how quality the fabric was when he touched it.

He looked over small checkered shirts, checkered multi-pocket and heavy-washed shirts in chocolate Brown… Shirt collars were minimized in this collection. Again, he made very sophisticated choices.

He looked at the tricot pullovers with leather details designed with an excellent match of chic and comfort. Such a soft texture it has… Again, he looked at the tags. Quality was hidden in small details… With the silk neckties, scarves, cufflinks, socks, undershirt, bowties, handkerchiefs, Giovanni Lidano thought every detail from A to Z for him in this season, too.